about me: in the early 70ties I had a little workshop where I restored vintage Harley Davidson bikes for my own collection but also for friends. We did mainly the WLA and WLC. Age and health forced me to stop with this passion. Many spare parts are left over and this is what I am selling here. Most of the parts are used, but some are NOS, some need mending, others are in near new condition, and some cartons are never opened or still in their wax shell. But all parts are 100% original !!! Click left on "Parts List" and a catalogue will open with description and prices, which are to some extent negotiable. Some items have a part number, but I can not guarantee that they are always right. So it is up to you to decide and double check whether it is the right thing you are looking for. If in doubt then please click the "Contact" button OR write me directly: webmaster@sashalalic.de I will respond fast and give you any more info I can. Most parts are for WLA, but some are for the big twins. All parts are shipped from Germany - so please take into consideration that shipping fees or postage to your country can be expensive ! The very rare set of 11 wallcharts weighs about 22 Kg for instance and shipping to USA could be very costly. Because this is a private sale I will not take any parts back for no reason. Paypal accepted and all parcels will be sent registered and insured and well wrapped.